• Deposit bonus Up to 10,000 Rs


  • Fast withdrawals
  • User-friendly interface
  • A lot of bonuses

About 9stacks

9stacks poker room claims that it is the safest room in India. The room provides poker games in 24 states of the country on both PC and mobile devices. The company also invests heavily in original content creation in order to increase users’ poker expertise.

This room is considered to be one of the best rooms in India because of its user-friendly interface, transparent financial operations in accounts and fruitful promotions: large number of promo codes and special offers and coupons.

In 9stacks if you win, you don’t have to wait to withdraw your money. In no less than 2 hours all users usually receive their money on their cards.

Talking about software, it is comfortable and fast working. Besides PC client and mobile apps for Android and iOS, players can play poker in web-version of the room.

There is an opportunity to play in private tables in this room. The access to the table is provided only by password.

Loyalty program

The room has created loyalty program called “Stack Up”. According to this program players can earn stack up points that are then converted to special chips that can be used for the game or for participation in tournaments or even for buying exclusive merchandise.

Bonuses in 9stacks

Players are geeted with coupons every time they want to make a deposit. The scheme is following:

Get Rs. 500 free on deposit of Rs. 5,000

Get Rs. 2,000 free on deposit of Rs. 10,000

Get Rs. 5,000 free on deposit of Rs. 25,000

Get Rs. 10,00 free on deposit of Rs. 50,000

9Stacks Bonus Offers

-Get Rs. 100 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 500

-Get Rs. 500 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 2,000

-Get Rs. 1,500 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 5,000

-Get Rs. 3,000 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 10,000

Other 9stacks Offers

-Get free entry worth Rs. 1,650 to the Sunday Stacks (1 Lac jackpot) -Just deposit Rs. 5,000 and use the openly provided unique 9Stacks promo codes.

-Get free entry worth Rs. 1,100 to the Daily StackUp (Rs. 30,000 jackpot) -Just deposit Rs. 4,000 and use the openly provided unique 9Stacks promo codes.

-Get Rs. 100 bonus for free after doing your KYC verifications.

Rake scheme


1. Is 9stacks legal poker room?

Yes, this room is legal in most Indian states. Expections are those states, where poker was not confirmed as a game of skills.