• Rakeback 30%
  • Deposit bonus up to 50,000 Rs
  • Network Independent


  • Good bonus system for deposits
  • The biggest reload bonuses in India


  • Small number of players

About PokerMet

PokerMet is an indian online poker with wide range of everyday bonuses.

Bonuses in PokerMet

Poker room offers several bonus options. The player can choose between 4 bonuses for the first deposit, as well as between 5 everyday deposits for the deposit (reload bonus).

Both bonuses can be released, and the bonus is added to the account during the game. To withdraw money players need to have VIP points number that will be equal to the 10% from the sum of the deposit.

Bonus for the first deposit

When making the first deposit in PokerMet room, you will get 100% bonus from the sum of the deposit. There are 4 different bonus options. they differ by the size of the deposit and by the sum that will be added to the account immediately.

PM40 code with deposits from 1,000 to 10,000 Rs allows players to get 40% immediate bonus. These money will be added to the account immediately, but to withdraw them you need to play 10% from the sum of the deposit.

PM35 code is valid with deposits from 10,100 to 20,000 Rs and allows you to get immediate 35% bonus from the sum of deposit.

PM30 code can be used with deposits from 20,100 to 30,000 Rs and gives you 30% immediate bonus.

PM25 bonus can be used with deposits from 30,100 to 50,000 Rs and gives 25% immediate bonus.

Other bonuses

These codes can be used with all repeating deposits one time a day. Reload bonus is divided on immediate and releasing. The higher the size of the deposit, the bigger the size of the immediate bonus. The releasing bonus is always 50% from the deposit sum.

DepositReal Cash BonusLocked BonusBonus Code
25,000-20 Lacs50%50%DAILY50

Loyalty program

Loyalty program allows you to exchange 10% accumulated Met points on real money. The difficulty of the loyalty program is defined by the rank system (Duke-Prince-Viceroy-Count-Warrior-Baron-Knight-Esquire-Soldier) with 10 steps (each rank). The exchange of Met points occurs together with increase in rank and moving to the following level.

PokerMet Game

Poker room is available for Windows and Mac OS users, as well as for Android and Apple iOS users.

Players can make a deposit for the real money game using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express cards and PayU and Cashfree systems.

The room offers attractive interface, good bonuses and small number of tables to choose. PokerMet tournaments take place quite often, the accent is made on free tournaments and low buy-ins.

Cash game is available on low limits. RNG has passed the certification in independent company.

Reviews about PokerMet

Good poker room for newbies, reminds me poker in social media. Original promos, fast cashouts.


Play poker 2 years in this room. The field has changed recently, and not for the better. I have noticed that the number of regulars is increasing, even on the lowest limit. It disturbs from hunting for bonuses.


Played in this room for the longest time among all *unpopular rooms*. Typical for this level: soft a la 90s, several hot keys and that’s all. The support is better than that of competitors, but the competence is the same. The field is average. Conclusion: difficult room, as all *unpopular rooms*.



Rake scheme

Standard rake in cash games: 5%


1. Is PokerMet legal poker room?

Yes, it is absolutely legal in all states of India, except Assam and Orissa.

According to the The West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competition Act 1957 and the decision of the Supreme Court, poker is not defined as gambling and, hence, is legal in India.

Poker is admitted to be the game of skill in India by official institutions. Making bets, by their authoritive opinion, is outside the sphere of gambling.

So, playing PokerMet is legal.