• Rakeback up to 50000 Rs
  • Deposit bonus up to 1000 Rs
  • Network Independent


  • The largest tournament series in online poker in India
  • Availability of tournaments without rake
  • Alternative poker games


  • Weak bonuses
  • Small number of cash games

About pokerninja

Pokerninja is a poker room, famous for its tournaments Indian Series of Poker as well. This room also provides the opportunity to win a ticket on the poker tourney in Europe.

Bonuses in PokerNinja

First Deposit Bonus

Bonus for the first deposit is 100% and is limited by the sum of 1000 Rs. The sum of the bonus is accrued immediately, but it can’t be withdrawn. To withdraw cash a player needs to gain 100% bonus points from the bonus sum. So, if you make a 1,000 Rs deposit you get 2000 Rs on your account immediately, 1,000 Rs will be a bonus. To withdraw cash you will need to win back 1,000 bonus points.

Loyalty Program

Special offer “Goldsmith”:

  • Collect 5000 bonus points and get 5000 Rs.
  • Collect 10000 bonus points and get 12000 Rs.
  • Collect 15000 bonus points and get 17500 Rs.
  • Collect 25000 bonus points and get 50000 Rs.

Bonuses are not cumulative and are paid only once.

Play 25,000 bonus points 4 times a month and get 50,000 rs!

Real Money Game

To play real money poker in pokerninja you need to register free account on the official website of the room and then download poker client. The downloading of the full client is available for Windows and Mac OS users, and for those who use gadgets – Android and Apple iOS mobile clients in Google Play and App Store.

Everyone can use the web version of the client, i.e. play without download.

The room accepts deposits and pays the winning via paying service PayU. You can make a deposit on your account using Visa and MasterCard.


For the series of ISOP pokerninja is a perfect place for tournament players. During this series several big tournaments are organized, including the main event with buy-in of 5,500 Rs and guaranteed prize fund of 10 lakhs. All tournaments of the series run in rebuy/add on format, so that it gives a chance to every player, even to newcomer.

The total prize fund of the series ISOP is 50 lakhs, and the final of the main tournament is played in Europe.

The room offers the opportunity to play in tournaments without commission. It is the most profitable offer for tournament players that we can imagine.

The original offer of the room is the option of sharing a screenshot of the prize in Twitter or Facebook in order to receive additional 10% of prize.

Supported Poker Games

The distinctive feature of is the availability of 7-Card Stud, Americana, 32 Card Draw, OFC Pineapple tables. It is not enough to play in these formats only, but these rare alternative tables can make the playing process more interesting. Reviews

Good room. A lot of players in tournaments. Support and online support also react rapidly. Fast withdrawal, no verifications. No problems found yet.


Didn’t like this room. Great field, a lot of bonuses and freerolls for newbies. Excellent and fast support. Random numbers generator works a little bit different than in other rooms, but it needs a habit.


Everything is great! The game will especially fit new players. The field is quite weak, a lot of recreational players, but everything else is good. I think the room will develop more.



Rake scheme

Rake in cash games: 5%


1. Is legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal in all territories of India except Assam, Odisha and Telangana.

Taking it in more detail, the poker games are considered as “the games of skill” according to the decision of the Supreme Court. It means that there is no or very little role of luck in these games, and the winner is the most skilled and intelligent person.

So, by the decisions of official institutions, such as Supreme Courts, games of skill cannot be prohibited in the country according to the Constitution. What is more, they do not fall under the definition of the word “gambling.”

The confusion about whether online poker is legal in India or not is explained by complicated wording in official documents. But legal specialists of all rooms as well as all interested sides analyzed deeply all gaming policies in India and came to the conclusion that online poker is not prohibited in the country.

Right now all rooms are absolutely sure that with few exceptions (three mentioned states above) online poker is legal. They are assured not only by their analysis, but also by official documents such as The West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competition Act 1957 or Public Gambling Act and by the claims of the official representatives.